World Domination One on DVD - $25
Taking the world by the balls one slave at a time!! Expect intense spankings, brutal ball treatment, and a storm of insults! Mistress is going to rub your nose to the ground like a dog that just pissed on the rug! If that isn't enough to make you behave she'll just lock you in a closet for a while!
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World Domination Two on DVD - $25
The harsh mistresses in Volume Two of World Domination rule with a heavy hand and an iron whip. Those who even THINK to cross them are subject to all sorts of painful humiliation, from ass-scorching spankings to heavy-duty dildo reaming. Watch them punish the weak!
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World Domination Three on DVD - $25
Bizarre Video presents World Domination 3, where you must obey and worship your mistress! Make sure you are a good slave and don't try begging for mercy. You lie there and take what you have coming to you! Which is exactly what you so deeply desire, right? Don't miss out!
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World Domination Four on DVD - $25
This Dominatrix is trying to conquer not only her personal dungeon but also the entire world! In World Domination 4 your mistress awaits you to be punished for all your wrong doings! She'll stop at nothing till she rids the world of bad deeds! She'll never get rid of all the evil, but she sure will have a ball trying!
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Goddess Heather's CBT & Ass Slave on DVD and instant download
Goddess Heather shares this slave with Gemini and has him up on the cross with his penis and balls all stretched out on a penis bondage board. This has his cock perfectly exposed for a variety of sharp devices that they run over his tender penis and ball skin. They also work on his nipples and Gemini does some focused work on his penis while Heather attaches weights to his nipples. After Gemini has scratched the head of the slaves cock and ball skin raw Heather attaches a parachute to this slaves balls and then she grips the chains from his balls and uses her great strength to pull. The . . .
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Gemini's Ponderosa on DVD and instant download
Mistress Gemini is out on Her ranch and is going out for a ride on Her favorite horse. Her new ranch hand is no where to be found! When Gemini looks for him She finds him sunning himself and drinking a beer. Furious Gemini takes him over Her knee for a hard hand spanking. His pants and underwear comes off and She whacks his bare bottom until it is bright red. Then Gemini puts him on the floor and stomps on him. She jumps up and down on his chest and then paddles his ass some more . . .
                                                                                                                      Watch the Trailer
Gemini versus Amber Michaels on DVD and instant download
Mistress Gemini has gotten Her hands on pervert and chronic masturbator, Amber Michaels. Gemini has plans to torment Amber all afternoon and punish her for being such a horny little slut. Gemini knows there is a million ways to cause pain and denying this multi orgasmic little whore the pleasure of cuming drives her insane with agony. The first scene is on Gemini's rubber sheeted bed with Amber tied down and incased in a rubber body bag. Gemini gags Amber and expose her big breasts and little pussy. . .                                                                                                   Watch the Trailer
The Dirty Girl on DVD and instant download
Talia Monet shows up late to her Mistress wearing a sluty little outfit and smelling like strange cock. She has been out whoring around with out her Mistress Gemini’s permission and this will not do! Gemini takes her by the ear into the bathroom and gives Talia a big painful enema. She forces her to hold it deep in her cramping bowels while Gemini flogs and spanks her. Clothes pins go on Talia’s clit clit and nipples and Gemini mercilessly crops Talia’s tender areas. She cries for mercy . . . .   
                                                                                                                 Watch the Trailer
Chocolate Loving Slutty Bitch on DVD and instant download
Maya Sinstress guest stars in this Valentines Day special. slave vladimir brings what he hopes is a special valentines day treat for the two Mistresses. He learns what a selfish and thoughtless gift chocolate is for a Lady and these two sadistic women decide to make sure that he remembers this lesson. Gemini and Maya force feed slave vlad an entire pound of chocolate. They start by regurgitating each piece into the slave’s gob and when that proves to much work . . . .   
                                                                                                                 Watch the Trailer
The Panty Sniffer on DVD and instant download
Goddess Selena is having a little discipline problem with Her boy friend so She calls Mistress 911 and Gemini comes to give Her a hand. When She arrives on the scene Selena explains how this panty fetishist keeps stealing all Her panties for wearing and sniffing. She has him locked in the cabinet and when She opens the door he comes spilling out with his hidden stockpile of pilfered women's underwear! They work on some behavior modification through some good old fashioned domestic discipline. They work his ass over with . . .                                 Watch the Trailer
Tweedles for Vinyl Queen on DVD and instant download
San Francisco’s very own Vinyl Queen pays Mistress Gemini a visit at Her Los Angeles studios. For this special occasion Mistress Gemini has lined up the tweedles who are two very entertaining slaves for the two of them to humiliated and torment. Tweedle dum is subjected to very serious testicular torment and the Mistresses squeeze and crush his balls. They hang very heavy weights from them, kick them and even use his nuts to play tug of war. Tweedle dee is dressed as a little gimp fairy and he prances around to entertain them before his ass is . . .                                 Watch the Trailer
Property Management on DVD and instant download
Eric the property manager is extremely late for our appointment and waiting patiently is not My forte. I decide to check out the property while I await his arrival; and much to My dismay, the place is a mess. It is nowhere near ready for move-in and that does not make Me very happy. Eric finally decides to make an appearance and act as if nothing is wrong. If Eric wants Me to rent the house he must succumb to some much needed punishment & discipline. And to no surprise, he really needs My business, as he is bordering on being fired. Listen as I . . .                                 Watch the Trailer
Sissy Sara's Birthday Surprise on DVD and instant download
It is My favorite sissy slut's birthday; so for being the special slut that she is, I have decided to treat her to a makeover and take her out for a night on the town. She has been begging Me to take her out all dressed up nice and slutty so that she can perform for Me and make Me some money; and what better day to do it, than her birthday. Transformation includes full make-up, wig, high heels, mini-skirt and waist cincher. But, before I take her out, . . . .   
                                                                                                                 Watch the Trailer
A Small Price to Pay on DVD and instant download
It is the weekend and I am itching for some fun. One of My favorite past times is visiting local bars and picking up male chauvinist's, drugging them and bringing them back to My lair to learn some respect for women. My poetic words of seduction soon turn to poetic words of cruelty and humiliation once I have him in My possession. If you love to listen, worship & lick, then this is the video for you. Wearing latex makes Me sweat.a lot, and who better to assign clean-up duty than My new little bitch. Before that, I make sure to tie up those cock & balls nice and tight . . .                                 Watch the Trailer
Unruly Prisoner on DVD and instant download
I am the secret head of prisoner control in a maximum security all male prison. Unruly in-mates are sent to Me for a little behavior modification and new incentive program. Watch as I torture, subjugate and humiliate a prisoner into behavior more appropriately. A predilection for leather (corset, thigh-high boots, hoods), gag, bondage, cock & ball torture, ball bondage & stretching, penis pump and orgasm manipulation with vibrator, oral worship of strap-on dildo, cigar smoking . . ..             
                                                                                                                  Watch the Trailer
Wrong Place at the Wrong Time on DVD and instant download
I am the leader of a group called C.E.F.S. - Coalition of Elite Femme Supremacists, which is located in the remote hills of Los Angeles. We rescued a non-suspecting driver from a terrible car wreck and saved him from dying; and because of which, he must repay Us, but not with money! Waking up out of coma, the driver finds himself completely encased in bandages unable to move in bondage and confused. After briefing him of his predicament, I tell him the way it is going to be for the duration of his time here - he will submit to our testing . . .                                    Watch the Trailer
"Modifying Gia" - Real Sessions #1 on DVD and instant download
This video is the first in line of many called, Real Sessions. Gia Regency, my new slut slave, approached me at a party and begged to have a real session. Seeing as Gia couldn¹t afford to pay for her session, I came up with the idea to tape it, leaving us both with something out of it. role-play scenario was built around Gia¹s fantasy, which involved being tricked, drugged and exspressive to exhibit severe behavior modification. Even though the camera work is very professional, all the cuts and angle changes were done while the scene progressed; I wanted to keep . . .                       Watch the Trailer

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